Super Slat Patch and Super Slat Guard were installed directly over the damaged areas as seen in the pictures below.
Feeder Pad 1
Feeder Pad 2
Feeder Pad 3



Many farmers depend on Northern Lakes when it's time to have slats repaired or replaced the right way.

Products: Super Slat Patch and Super Slat Guard

These two powerful, custom formulated products were developed by our company. They are solutions that fill the need to sustain long-lasting barn life. Perfect for protecting pigs water cups and feeder pads, also your parlor floor, milk room floor, H Bunks, J Bunks, and even for protecting the floors in your office.

Super Slat Patch

Super Slat Patch is used to repair the affected areas in the barn, because when cement erodes, accidents happen. It also becomes difficult to power wash slats completely for a disease-free barn. Keep your animals free from ills and use our environmentally safe Super Slat Patch for all of your barn slat repairs! It is proven and guaranteed to last.

Super Slat Guard

Our formula is most effective if it is applied to the areas on the slats, around water, water feeders, feeder pads and other high traffic areas that have the highest risk. This keeps the slats from excessive and unnecessary damage.


Fast Barn Repair: Our service fits into your busy farming schedule.

When a farmer's hog barn becomes empty, the barn must be power washed before pigs are put back in. This creates a narrow window of opportunity for any building repair without significant loss to farming operations. We can usually repair your barn within this small time frame without disruption to your normal business procedures.

Total Slat and Beam Replacement: Add a renewed, longer lasting second life to your barn.

If your barn is too old to be standing tall, do not tear it down before calling us! Based on our assessment, we can replace the damaged slats or beams in your dairy or hog barn. Our total slat and beam replacement is just what your old barn may need to indeed be the last one standing!

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repair coatings

Northern Lakes Slat Repair
Northern Lakes Slat Repair
Northern Lakes Slat Repair

Repair Coatings

The Slats in this barn were in serious need of repair. The top layer of cement had completely eroded away and the aggregate was exposed.


Slat Patch and Slat Guard were installed directly over the damaged areas. Slat Patch was used to build up the slats in height and restore integrity. Slat Guard, a chemical and abrasion resistant coating, was used to seal and protect the slats from further damage. A fine blend of aggregates were added to achieve a slip resistant finish.

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Northern Lakes Slat Repair Northern Lakes Slat Repair

The Slats and Beams in this barn were replaced due to severe safety issues. The beams had multiple cracks and had rebars exposed. Some of the flooring had already collapsed into the pit.
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