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Northern Lakes Slat Repair and Replacement brings 30+ years of slat repair and replacement experience to the farming industry. A family-owned and operated business, Northern Lakes truly values customer service and takes delight in satisfying farmers with superior quality products that last.

Among these products, Super Slat Patch and Super Slat Guard are known to be professional grade rated, excellent, durable cement bonding and slat protecting products that keep farmers rolling right along into the 21st century and beyond! Slat replacement services, whether minor or extensive, are available depending on customer needs. And it is not usual to see the owner, Mr. Paul Bailey giving quotes and traveling to farms all over the country. Contact him or one of his associates today!

We also have coatings that hold up to hog traffic that we use as preventive maintenance on the slats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment read our FAQ's and then contact us today!

Northern Lakes Slat Repair

1. How long does the slatted floor last?

The average life of the slatted barn floor lasts about 20 years. However, we feel that if you use proper maintenance, especially within the first 10 years, you can actually extend the life of the slatted floor barns by at least 15 years! Since our special coating has absolutely no absorption, so with our application, your barn floor could possibly last up to 35 years!

2. Why should I use your services?

Unlike the competition, our products and services are guaranteed to last. We are the developers of Super Slat Repair and Super Slat Guard. With over 30+ years of industry experience, we believe these products are the most durable on the market. Once your slat is fixed, its stays fixed and protected throughout its normal wear and tear.

3. What regions do you serve?

We travel all over the continental United States.

4. How much does the consultation cost?

It's FREE! As long as you can accurately describe your situation, we try to give the best quote over the phone for a "Quick Quote." If we must travel to see your farm, we will require a traveling fee. The consultation is still free.

5. What is the time frame in getting to our farm after the quote?

We have a fast turnaround time, serving most customers within 3 - 4 business days. It depends on your location and both of our schedules.

6. What is the approximate cost of the product?

All of our work is customized. You can call us for a Quick Quote.

7. Didn't I hear about another company like yours?

To our knowledge, we are the only company that offers a custom product backed with a guarantee. Our products and services support hog and dairy farmers in environmentally safe farming and animal health.
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