Super Slat Patch and Super Slat Guard were installed directly over the damaged areas as seen in the picture below.

Northern Lakes Slat Repair


Northern Lakes Slat Repair & Replacement

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Northern Lakes Slat Repair
While our competitors' products take up to 7 days to cure, our Super Slat Patch is 100% cured in 8 hours. By saving on the curing time, you save $$MONEY$$!!!

Due to client confidentiality, we cannot divulge who they are… but we have even used our Super Slat Patch to repair one of our competitor's barns! Why? Our competitors have nothing on us. They never have and never will.

Here's what one of our satisfied customers from Storm Lake, Iowa had to say about our Super Slat Patch, "This product does exactly what Northern Lakes told me it would do."

We also provide complete slat repair and replacement services. Click here to find out more about all of our Products and Services.

If you farm in Illinois, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina… wherever you farm… we serve all states, so please contact us for a FREE phone consultation.

*Please note: While we do our best to ask the right questions in order to give you the most accurate quote, it may be necessary for us to see your farm and assess your situation first hand. An upfront traveling fee is required for us to travel for Inspections. Please call us for details.
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